I work out of two offices - Lafayette (East Bay) and San Francisco (Cow Hollow).

The San Francisco office is located in the Cow Hollow/Marina neighborhood (on Union Street between Gough & Octavia). It is accessible by MUNI-41, 45, 30, 28, 22, 49, 47. Metered street parking on Union, 2-hr street parking nearby.

The Lafayette office is located in the East Bay between the cities of Walnut Creek and Berkeley/Oakland. Easy parking in the building parking lot.

Please note that both offices are up a flight of stairs and neither office has an elevator.


The fees vary.

Individual and/or EMDR Therapy: 50 minutes sessions are $180. Longer sessions, planned advance, are pro-rated to the length based on $180/50-minute session.

Couples Therapy: The first 80 minute assessment session (first week) is $220. Individual assessment sessions (second week) are $220 total (one individual session with each member of the couple and the total charge for both those sessions is $220 total). There is a one-time $39 online assessment testing fee, which goes directly to The Gottman Institute, who manages the online assessment testing interface. Sessions thereafter (week three and beyond) are $220 for 50 minute sessions. Longer sessions of 80 - 110 minutes can be arranged in advance for couples who benefit from longer sessions. Longer session fees will be pro-rated to the length based on $220/50-minute session.

Supervision, case consultation, and professional development sessions are available for MFTIs and MFTs. They are billed at $120 per 50-minute session.

Client initiated check-ins outside of session will be billed at your regular session rate, pro-rated to 15 minutes intervals. Client requested work outside of the therapy hour (insurance inquiries, advocacy letters, etc) will be billed at $60/hour, prorated by 15 minute intervals.

The quality of service I provide are top notch. As such, I do not offer a sliding scale.


Weekly engagement in therapy is strongly encouraged. Not only does it make scheduling easier, but it reduces the overall number of months you'll be in therapy. We can achieve much more progress in 6 months worth of weekly sessions than we can in 12 months of twice monthly sessions. Having said that, I'll do what I can to work with both our schedules.


I am considered an “out of network” provider. As such, I can provide you with ‘superbills’ (invoices in a language/format that insurance carriers understand and require) to submit to your insurance provider. You initially pay the full fee for sessions up front and your insurance provider cuts you a check directly for the part that they reimburse for, if any, and according to your agreement with them. You are ultimately responsible for all costs. I do not communicate directly with any insurance providers and provide superbills one month a time, after the final charge for the month has been run.